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The Bitch Zone
Thought bubbles by the terminally bitchy...
Weighs in at a whopping 5 lbs, is about 8 months old and tends to meow in my ear to get me up at sinfully early hours. Her name is Iris.

I finally broke down and got a cat from the local Habitat for Cats. She's a pastel torti and she's so petite it's ridiculous. Apparently she was rescued before animal control euthenized her. At her early age, she'd just had a litter of kittens, and her growth has been a bit stunted by nursing them constantly. She's playful, inquisitive and quite loving.

I'd sworn I was never going to get another animal but suddenly I just needed a cat--something I'd put off since the death of my Tia Maria. I'm glad I did--it feels good to take care of something again now that my daughter is almost ready for college.

I have to train Iris not to attack my toes when I'm sleeping. Cats are so funny--you're ready to sleep and suddenly it's playtime! *g*

Will post images when I stop being lazy and get batteries for the digital camera.

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Okay, what is it about offices and their constant showering. No, I don't mean the bathing kind. Weddings, baby, engagement. Sheesh. I took this job to make money, not spend it.

I'm sorry, but if you are a coworker and decide to have a baby, it is not my responsibility to cloth, diaper and gadget up your child--children are a luxury. I had _one_ for a reason. And if I don't really know you, it really is a bit crass to expect me to get you anything at all frankly. Aren't family members and close friends supposed to handle this bit?

Which brings me to the newest 'thing':

Office wedding showers. I am appalled. You can afford to hire a DJ, a banquet hall, invitations, most of you cheap assholes expect the poor bridesmaids and groomsmen to pay for the 'honor' of dressing themselves for your freaking ceremony and then you expect me to subsidize your home furnishings? Again, isn't this what family and friends, not coworkers are for? Stop smoking that crack, yo.

It seems lately that folks are living with a sense of entitlement that is completely unwarranted. It's like the couple that can manage to afford artificial insemination, ends up with a passel of up to 6-8 kids and then asks the community for help. *snort* Yeah, you can afford a $30,000 dollar procedure and now I'm supposed to pay for your litter? I don't think so!

I am not a mean person, I just think that it's an awful lot to expect people to pay for your luxuries. It's not that I don't approve of weddings and births and the subsequent showers that go with them--just don't expect acquaintances to pitch in and assist you. People have their own things to worry about, care for and pay for.
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Actually, I have very little to bitch about lately. I finally got a raise. Of course I'm still making a lot LESS even with the raise than I was before but at least they rewarded my hard work with what they thought was appropriate. I'm not even being sarcastic here. I am, however, looking for a new job.

I've been reading so much, it's hard to keep up with it all, but here's the most recent that I can remember:

-Kushiel's Justice by Jacqueline Carey. She loses none of her ability to draw you into the finely drawn world she's created. Imriel is a well drawn character and the writing is just as sensual from his POV than when it was from Phedre's. The plot was intricate and blended high fantasy, drama and romance into a finely seasonsed stew.

-Kitty Takes a Holiday and Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn. Very horror-lite and fluffy but they were at least entertaining and the heroine wasn't all powerful or suddenly a badass. That tends to make me gag because I've seen it too many times in recent years, the ever increasing power et all. *yawn*

-The Becoming and Blood Drive by Jeanne C. Stein. Could quickly become a new addiction. I 'discovered' her on my Kim Harrison mailing list when someone recommended her. I think she could use some minor improvement in characterization, because it's usually pretty obvious who's not going to last long--if you barely remember them, then they're like those red-shirted ensigns from the original Star Trek--doomed. But all in all, her series is pretty original (a vampire bounty hunter!) and THANK THE GODS, the vamps can walk during the day. I'm still trying to figure where the 'burst into flames' shit came from. Even Dracula walked during the day in the Bram Stoker novel, 'kay? Another plus? Also? She took fucking English and writes 'all right' instead of the (for me) eye bleeder 'alright'.

-Blackman, by Richard Morgan. My 'boo' has finally finished and released this. I refused to read the American edition because they changed the title to 'Thirteen'. While the U.S. title is still appropriate to the plot, the I think American publishers are huge pussies--backing away from anything controversial in a country that all but sweats uptight Puritanical (but not behind closed doors!) hypocrisy. I had to wait a while for the UK edition but when it came, I all but enhaled it. Sure, some it is about race, but a lot of it is about religion and how it is scarily possible for one of the greatest countries in the world to ruin itself and become a quagmire of fractured lands where people they've bred for violoence become the hunted once they're not long required to use that violence for petty wars (an idea I had a while back and never expanded on) Some deep shit.

-Everfree, by Nick Sagan. Final book in the trilogy( Idlewild, Edenborn) all about virtual reality and how the world survives after almost total annhilation by a virulant agent is introduced. Think a cyberpunk version of 'The Stand' and you almost come close to understanding what the series is all about. Sagan takes it a step further and in a different direction where a special breed of humans were created to be the caretakers to the chosen few allowed to be placed in suspended animation until a cure is found. I think the first book in the series, which was so shockingly original made it hard for the follow up novels to be as good, but they do the series justice in the end.

-The Hareiquin by Laurell K. Hamilton. I almost forgot I read this book, which says a lot about how I felt after I'd finished it. While I no longer want to bleach my brain after pages of mind numbing and overly talky sex, now I need to drink lots of coffee to stay awake as they still tend to angst and talk about EVERYTHING. Oh, and there's lots of bath taking. And while I think way too much time is spent on Richard and his failure to GET THE POINT of a triumvirate, at least there is a plot: big, bad assassins are coming to town and they are breaking with council rules and actively attacking as opposed to simply observing Jean-Claude's (you remember him right. Used to be a pretty interesting character but now currently taking a back seat to Anita's growing harem of sex-food...um, excuse me, ardeur) territory, especially after Anita and JC enthralled a powerful visiting Master and his entire entourage. It was a lot neater (although still riddled with editing errors) and thankfully shorter than the more recent books. And hello! It had Edward again, finally...and he didn't fall prey to Anita the Sex Foo and Were-Predator Queen. I'm glad the books have retained at least that much class.

-The Face, by Dean Koontz. After LKH, I always need something easy to read and Koontz fit the bill. I turned my back on him years ago for some reason but I'm glad I've rediscovered him recently when I read 'Odd Thomas'. A touch of humor and pretty original premise on the 'guardian angel'. I really liked ALL of the characters, although I thought the villain was twisted for no real reason other than he could be and never really felt him--just felt he was an ass waiting to be caught. But hey, when you've got a victim labeled 'Stinky Cheese Man' how can you not be entertained?!

-Frankenstein: City of Night, by Dean Koontz. Second in his trilogy based on a screenplay that, due to Hollywood fuckwitism never got off the ground. I'm really liking Deucalian (the created 'monster) and wish he'd been more of a focus but perhaps that will happen with the final installment. Entertaining, fast read and quite creepy in some spots.

-No Humans Involved, by Kelley Armstrong. Again, Jaime Vegas, like Paige is one of my least favorite characters in Armstrong's universe. Folks bitch about Elena, but she has a focus and while I think Clay is a super creep and got rewarded for basically violating someone against their will, I get the reason...somewhat. Maybe I'm used to a necromancer that uses their powers for something practical (like Anita Blake before she decided to spend more time on her back than in the graveyard), but masking something that could be useful behind trickery and fake 'raisings' is kind of a silly premise to me. And in the end you're not awed by Jaime--you're just glad the whole storyline is over. And the Jeremy romance dynamic just didn't work for me, sorry.

-A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore. There is no other author that can make me snort coffee through my nose while also freaking me out quite like Moore. Charles Asher looses his beloved wife and suddenly ends up as Death--or at least one of those chosen as Death. Funny, absurd, yet with a layer of pathos, I read this book in like, hours. He's the Kings absurdist fiction.

I'm sure there's books I've missed because I get so many at the library lately and then forget to notate them before I return them, but as I remember stuff, I'll make note of it. All this crit has stirred up my creative juices so it's time to work on a few things of my own.

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Take that, you literary types who turn their nose up at *gasp* genre.
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Try explaining taxes to a kid that's busted her ass for two weeks only to find out that her employer (fuck you very much City of Rochester) holds back a week. By the time they finished taxing her, she barely had $75.00. Jackasses--no wonder they have trouble filling these spots some years.

Try living off the barest minimum after wading through massive bills, due to treatments/procedures you needed to stay alive. It's kinda hard to empathize w/ someone who elected to go through things when you're paying because you didn't have the luxury of choosing to be treated.

Try waking up each day not knowing if you're going to be in pain, and if so...WHERE.

On a good day, try shoving everything you might possibly need done or attended to (sometimes including cleaning the large house you have) because you don't know how you'll feel the following day.

Try not knowing if your brain is covered in tumours every time you get a headache. Or if your liver is going south every time your side hurts. Paranoia you say?

I swear, if I have to hear ONE more person bitch about something I will scream!

I wake up each day in a good mood because I fucking WOKE up, okay? You constant complainers should try a terminal fucking disease on for size and then see what it's like to hear everyone bitching about shit that can be resolved if you'd only stuff your gob shut and work at it. You've got the time--again, I don't have that luxury.

Shit on a stick some days it gets on my nerves...and today was one of them.

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My daughter started her summer job today. It's a recreation center and she said the first day went well--apparently they get assigned kids and she's responsible for the daily schedule, including reading activities and games and art, which sounds like excellent experience for her. She's already planned to go through her books at home because she declared their books quite lame and wants to introduce some of her own books--I told her to just check and make sure they approved them. It's good to see her focused and not just sitting about the house looking for an allowance like so many other kids do.

Still waiting for my f-ing review. Still trying to make bills on shitty pay--what else is new?

I just reconnected with an old friend from High School and her mum just died Saturday which sent me into a tailspin of depression because I'd JUST seen her 3 weeks ago and although she wasn't feeling well, she was walking around and we were joking that I'd have to show up more. Apparently the end was quick. She died in her husbands arms, with most of her family that made it there in time surrounding her. No better way to go in my book.

I am depressed again and going to lay down as I haven't been feeling too well myself this week, pain wise.

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The lazy days of summer are upon us at last! I've been feeling rather spry, although my back twinges a bit. I'm still holding off on more radiation--and I can't have any now at any rate because I'm on chemo right now and they don't recommend 'mixing' the two. And the pain's not really that bad, really or at least nothing Ibuprofin can't dull.

I'm waiting anxiously for my annual review at work--I need a damned raise and pronto because, once again, my tidy cushion is kaput. I had money left over for my bathroom redo and, thanks to my ex-husband being a thieving fuck-wad, I have a tiled shower surround and nothing else because the bastard hasn't done anything else. No new walls, no new flooring. Oh, I have the material, it's just that the prick has been dodging me for months about finishing the job. I've filed a small claims court action and declared him persona non grata. I hope the fucker gets boils all over. There's an old West Indian saying: I wouldna piss on him if he was on fire. That pretty much sums up how I feel about anyone who'd rip off someone who's ill by taking off with money that could have been used for bills, medical copays (which are HUGE)--or even on a reliable contractor who'd have done the job.

At any rate, I've decided not to fret about the matter. There's always something more important to worry over. My darling Lori's Mom is quite ill--it's cancer and she just got out of hospital. She happened to be at the same hospital where the cancer center I go to is located so I was able to visit her a few times after my chemo sessions were done. She's scared and weepy and I don't blame her. Cancer fucking sucks. At least when I tell her I know what's she's going through, she knows it's true.

I'm trying desperately to get my writing mojo back but it seems to have fled. At least I'm getting a lot of writing done. I try to write down ideas and phrases as they come to me, just in case the Muse decides to give me a kick in the ass. But for now, I'm not pushing it...everyone else seems to be suffering from the 'don't give a shit' bug with regards to writing too. It's rather sad because there's so much talent but what can you do?

I'm currently reading 'Blood Bound' by Patricia Briggs. It's the sequel to 'Moon Called' and it's quite good. I also just finished Jim Butcher's latest, 'White Night' and it was pretty good--I've finally got back into his writing and, thanks to the library, I've caught up on the series this past week. They books are fun, quick reads and I've gotten over the dark turn the series took--I understand the reasoning better than when I walked away from the series--I think you have to want to be open to an authors plot turns to appreciate them. And I love Harry's Temple dog, Mouse! *g*. I've also just finished two great books by new authors. Estelle sent me 'The Lies of Locke Lamora' and I literally inhaled that book and am waiting for the sequel. And I've just finished this HUGE first novel, 'The Name of the Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss and it was quite awesome. I've always tended to avoid new authors when I KNOW it's the start of an epic but when the writing is so good it sings, why fight it?

Anyway, it's time for me to lay down and relax a bit. 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' is on and it's one of my favorite movies--it's the classic version with Angela Lansbury and George Sanders!

PS: Oh, and because I'm feeling particularly bitchy, I'd like to thank all the well wishers when I was feeling horrible this Spring.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

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Have been reading like a fiend and have recently finished a ridiculous amount of books. The best had to be 'Jack Knife', written by Virginia Baker. I've always been morbidly fascinated by Ripper lore and this book has a nice Steampunky/Victoriana twist to it that I simply loved. It's her first novel and she should be quite proud of her efforts, giving a deft touch to her tale of time-travel experiaments gone awry, Whitechapel, the Lords and Ladies of Victorian society and most importantly, Jack the Ripper.

Other reading includes:

'Innocent in Death' by JD Robb. Quick easy and mindless read.

'Twilight' and 'New Moon' by Stephanie Meyer. Young adult vampire fiction. Neat characters and lately I've found some of the YA writers spinning more mature tales than the so called 'adult' authors. At least I don't get someone's sex scenes tossed at me ad nauseum. Quite refreshing.

Which brings me to:

'Ironside' by Holly Black. I sigh everytime I remember that she's indicated this will be her last foray into the world of Faerie. Third in what isn't quite a series more than a group of three books with interlocking themes. She doesn't dumb down her writing for young adults and the themes easily ones adults can relate to. Her Fey are lovely, ugly, dangerous and sometimes unkind--just the way I likes 'em!

'Succubus Blues' by Richelle Mead. Why do all 'monsters' have to be somehow cute or redeemable lately? I mean shit, if you're gonna write about a Succubus, make them bad, sexy and unregretful (is that a word? *g*); I wanted gritty, I got 'cute'. Angels, demons...they all just get along. Bleck. Makes me want to write my own bad ass Angels again. Toriel...where are you babe? (inside joke for ex-Sanctuaryites).

Kim Harrison, 'For a Few Demons More'. I usually resist buying hardcover after a writer hooks me with paperback...or get a library copy but what the hey--I'd just gotten my tax refund eh! Worth ever friggin penny, Ms. Harrison continues to thrill with yet another yarn from the Hollows. At times funny, scary and sometimes quite tragic, I had to force myself to slow down so I could savor it. One section even got me mildly tear...or maybe it's the weird hormones from chemo...

'All Together Dead', by Charlaine Harris. Yet another writer who got me hooked and who I will still buy if it's in hardcover (and if it's like 40% off like this was! LOL), yet another Sookie Stackhouse mystery. I'm glad she's moving somewhat away from Sookies fascination with vampires and I also like that they're not simply these fangless, sex fiend romantic creatures. The seek more territory to control, the wield very dangerous deals and the politics are twisted and interesting. And her new love interest, Quinn the Were-tiger? Yum...

I know there's more but today I'm lazy and I need to clean my icky kitchen so I'm done!

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Sadly, I can't think of any save for the fact that I actually ate solid food today and managed not to throw it back up. Hopefully my pants will stop falling down now because I can't afford alterations OR new pants.

Other than that, I truly dig my new pain patch.

I go lay down now...

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At least at selling novel length series' books. Those poor embattled writers! I just browsed through yet another authors comment pages and HELLO! Do people honestly think an author owes you a book a year? Do you honestly get that bloody wrapped up in a character that you'll quit reading an author because they killed a character off? You are? Well stop being a noodle head and re-enter the land of the sane.

The author who's comment page I just visited (and she's remaining nameless because I'm sure some of my friends may not have gotten to her latest novel and I don't want to spoil it for them) is getting a barrage of mail with folks telling her how mad they are that she killed off a character and how they're done with reading her. Sheesh...ask any writer, successful or no what's the most difficult thing to do and they'll probably tell you, 'Kill off a character that I've fallen in love with' If you're a writer who cares about their world and the characters that inhabit that world, those characters ARE real to you. You've eaten bologna sandwiches at midnight with them (hey, I get inspiration at odd times so don't look at me like that!), drunk your morning tea or coffee with them and you've cried with them and for them.

Disowning a writer's world (and worst off, announcing it in a public forum)because they offed a character is just plain...crass.

Luckily this writer is BEYOND gracious no matter how battered she's been by these noodleheads--LKH would have probably packed their bags and given them the bus ticket out of her world (but then she also has her share of goofs to deal with. Hey, you know who you are. You hate her and her books but you visit her forum DAILY and by golly if there's any controversy among her fan base you are ready to hop in!)

A writer's responsibility is to tell a good, honest story and build worlds that feel real so you feel good about spending your hard earned cash on their creations. Expecting them to bend over backwards to write it the way YOU want it is unfeasible, unfair and silly. Then again, if you're that upset over a dead character that you are unable to accept that death, then maybe the writer really HAS done their job and you just can't handle the truth behind a good, well told tale.

I recommend therapy.

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