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Fucking cancer... - The Bitch Zone
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Fucking cancer...
Just spent 2 days in hospital while they tried to figure out why I have no feeling in my lower extremities. Luckily it's not the worst case sceneario, but it's not the best case scenario either--I'm starting yet more radiation on yet another area (this time lower sacrum, which is below the spine). My team of oncs, radiation onc's and main doctor were absolutely on the ball and made me feel wonderful.

The hospital itself? *shudder*. You really have to advocate for yourself--I don't know how many 'procedures' they wanted to try on me, but with my main doctor telling them to go take a flying leap, I managed to get out of there with no additional infections and intact. At one point, they thought I had a UTI and wanted to insert a Foley catheter--um, hello, let's introduce a new area of infection in a cancer patient with lowered immunity! Like I said, my main doctor really wanted to slap them at times. She's an absolute doll and even took the time to prepare a small floral arrangement the day I left. I could imagine her poor hubby being ordered about her garden earlier that morning after she admitted she enlisted his aid in getting at some of the blooms.

I finally decided that the most important people in my life are me and my daughter and everyone else can quite frankly, go screw themselves. I have to concentrate on us, and us alone at this time and so I'm probably going to be ditching quite a few matters I entered that I probably shouldn't have--I just trusted others too much and let myself get carried along in excitement I should have used to further my health concerns.

So, I'll be a lesser presence, and I might not bother to post much since there doesn't seem to be all that much interest in what I post any way considering the response.

Whoever gives a fuck, thanks. Whoever doesn't, then why did you bother 'friending' me I really have to wonder.

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arkiewriter From: arkiewriter Date: October 8th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
*HUGS* Sorry to hear you had to go thru the hospital and that it was more bad news. It seems like they are out to make you glow in the dark on a permanent basis... *more hugs*
ymp From: ymp Date: October 12th, 2007 03:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Thank goodness your doctor is such a gem - it would be awful to be in hospital and have to worry about them sticking bits where they don't belong as well as having to deal with something as scary as having no feeling in your bottom half!

*hugs* Best of luck. I'm thinking of you.
From: ms_lori Date: October 29th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC) (Link)

I am saddened to say...

That Nic passed on earlier this evening, 10/28. She was surrounded by loved ones, and she went peacefully, with grace and dignity, just as she lived.

We love you, Nic.
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