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Former Addiction Buys Groceries--News at 11! - The Bitch Zone
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Former Addiction Buys Groceries--News at 11!
Holy shit! I used to collect CD's like crack. Okay, perhaps not that badly. But I've got huge eclectic piles of sounds, people. Whatever floated my boat at the moment and helped me to write--or at least stay awake while working through either hobby shit or 'real' writing.

I mean, I've got everything from the Indigo Girls, Travis Tritt (!!!) to Andrea Bocelli and everyone single one of them's been loved/played to death. I ignored the treacherous, piles throughout the house. Bedroom, car, office workspace, floor space, expanding shelves and kept on collecting whatever hit my fancy and got me through the day.

And then the advent of the Ipod. Really, I said to myself--what a silly contraption. How dare they think this little box can contain me, my vast cornicopia of fidelfic pleasures?

And then I got a free Ipod shuffle at the Christmas party for the Church of Satan (oh, sorry...former employer) and tossed it to my daughter, who, not tech savvy tossed it right back as she had no clue and I was gonna have nothing to do with The Apple anything. She'd found love already in music swapping and was collecting her own serious group of bootleg (shhhhh) CD's. Her mama is more honest and just kept blowing moola at the store! *g*

So anyway one day we're goofing around with the Shuffle thing and I actually got onto Itunes, fired it up and figured out how to use the thing and also how to transfer music from her CD collection to the Mp3. A new addiction was born. Hmmm....maybe I'll try one of these things ya know--with my back and hip issues, carrying less has got to count for something. Of course, I'm a cheap ass, and there were so many different versions that I actually got something that held the same as the Shuffle, had a nice little DISPLAY (are you listening yet Apple-heads?) and was easy to carry and a hell of a lot less expensive with a warranty, mind you.

I be hooked. The results are that almost ALL of my vast library of sound is downloaded and I can pick/choose what I want to listen to that day/moment/hour. So now that everything's downloaded and secure, what do I need the clutter of CD's for? So, I bit the bullet, collected the 'definite go aways' from those I'm still sorting/downloading (I told you my collection was vast, no?) and stuff that I just want to keep for sentimental value--a lot of classic Tracy Chapman, Ani DiFranco, Metallica, that sort of thing and took them off to the HOG, otherwise known in these parts as the The House of Guitars, where every rock star in town HAS to stop in and see Armand, the owner who's been in business since 1969, has the autographs and pictures to prove it (I mean, the Ramones, The Clash The Stones, the Who graced these floors) and who I'd heard gave pretty good money on CD's in good shape.

The man don't lie--I walked out of there with grocery money. Lots of grocery money. We're having steak this week grocery money.

I gotta finished this cataloging, but fast! LOL!

PS: Now, if I could just stop dozing off at odd moments and feel better then life would be PERFECT!!!!

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