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Damn! - The Bitch Zone
Thought bubbles by the terminally bitchy...
What a great F'ing day! We had Mommy/Daughter day. As usual, I couldn't sleep last night so I ended up cateloguing my entire library and readying things for sale on Ebay, the library and for those I've designated to certain people. I have too many books...I started at 3:00am and stopped only when a set of CD's fell over and woke up the kid at 10:00am! By then I'd had about 4 LARGE mocha hazelnut coffee's and was buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed out of my head which she found profoundly funny, which I then found funny, which ended up with us sitting on the floor laughing for absolutely no reason.

After a visit from the cat's former foster mom, who dropped off much needed meds for her, we decided we needed to get out of the house. I left the unfinished mess behind and after we showered, we just got the hell out and drove.

I found a place to print my new black/white series. It came out pretty well. I've been tinkering with b/w digital photography and this one is tough to title...it's a study in black and white and negative--two photo's meant to be shown together. Then I've got one of a river gorge behind a fence entitled 'Caged Beauty'. Ironically enough, the Legal Aid Society here in Rochester uses art created by attorney's, paralegals and other legal professionals, stages silent auctions and generates funds that way. I've promised to let them use the Iris series as soon as I can name it...of course, I need to get my ass in gear and finish matting and framing the suckers too! *g* I have a couple of finished color florals I can submit as well. Choices, choices...I'm almost too fond of the Iris' to let it go. LOL

Anyway, we puttered around one of the suburban strip malls all afternoon, trying on clothing and goofing around in general. We had a late, long lunch and then my daughter decided to treat me to a manicure of all things! I was thrilled and quite proud of her. It was kind of surreal though--she was getting her nails done...I mean that full set stuff I hate and of course my manicure didn't take that long, so I was relaxing away, eyes closed, waiting for her when...oh, the horror...I was lip-raped! I kid you not. Apparently, Rhea noticed I needed my eyebrows done (they don't grow in thick any longer, but they do grow in) and asked the woman to treat me to an eyebrow wax. Suddenly there's this crazy Chinese woman attacking my LIP with wax and stripping me hairless, no warning at all. Yeach! I felt so...violated! *g*

Eventually she got to the requested eyebrow wax and we were off to do shopping for the week. For some reason, I noticed a speck of spare wax that they'd missed when they'd done Rhea's brows and, as I was trying to peel it off, we found this profoundly funny and broke down in the middle of the isle like a bunch of complete loons. I mean, I was laughing so hard for no reason I almost peed myself. We've not had such stupid fun in ages. How many moms are this freaking lucky that they can spend a great silly ass day with their daughter. Not many.

Talk about having reasons to live! I love my daughter!

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