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It's 1:45 am and - The Bitch Zone
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It's 1:45 am and
do you know what all your passwords are?

I swear, in my younger and tumor free years this never used to be a problem. I will admit to a great laziness. Most of my passwords were one password. *hangs head*. I figured why make life difficult really?

But then things happened:

ISP/Internet access
Website access for no less than 3 pbem's at one time (two of which were mine, one of which wasn't--all with different passwords)
Domain purchases
Professional hosting access
Websites/clubs smart enough to have restricted access for members (go figure! LOL)
Live Journal (2 accounts)
Pay Pal
Membership to Sim Associations
MySpace (which is annoying and not even used much of the time, but which requires yet ANOTHER password)
Online banking/bill paying

And those are just for online--and I'm sure I've left stuff off.

Then there's work, where to start, I have no control over user names/passwords as most are assigned and changed every 90 days:

Keypad access to get into office
Network pass to access computer network
Password to access work email via the web if needed
Password access to credit bureau reports, County Clerks throughout New York, skip tracing websites, inmate information (I kid you not...), bankruptcy courts...

Starting to see the problem? If you don't think about it, you don't worry about it unless it's 1:45 am and you need to respond to something or give someone access to something to help you out.

And you can't remember.


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